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Phone (Alberta): 780.991.8871


Veronica Vinge believes in people-oriented, pragmatic solutions for business success. As an experienced consultant, Veronica has helped organizations large and small expand their capacity, build their reputation, develop their leadership, and bring out the best in their staff – as well as increase their bottom line.

As a co-partner in the consultancy ABVSquared, Veronica is a personal trainer for your business. Just as working out at a gym provides daily benefits, working with Veronica makes your business stronger, faster and safer. For Veronica, business strength means more than just increased revenue, it also means that you can do more work (increased capacity) with less effort (increased efficiency), and less strain (greater safety). Working with Veronica means you’re better able to handle the day-to-day aspects of your business, which improves your ability to grow.

And just like any good personal trainer, Veronica meets you where you’re at, develops a holistic, customized regime and coaches you to life-long business wellness. While she’s certainly equipped to deal with pressing problems, her focus is on long-term stability and success – for you, your staff and your business as a whole.

Veronica honed her own business muscles while working on more than fifty projects in nearly every business setting, from small family businesses to not-for-profits, to all levels of government and multi-million dollar private enterprise. Her experience spans two and a half decades, and she’s got a strong background of both formal and informal learning. A graduate of the University of Alberta with a BA in Recreation Management, she has also pursued graduate work in Community and Economic Development and Adult Education. As well, she has formal certification in Change Management, Non-Profit and Voluntary Sector Governance and Management, Project Management and Facilitation and Training.

Some of her favourite projects include providing team-building, strategic planning, and policy development to HIV North; working with stakeholders and community partners for the Aboriginal Council of Lethbridge, as well as work with many other First Nations; developing best practices for healthy workplaces for Capital Health; and providing comprehensive management consulting to Bulldog Energy Group, Sirkit Limited and King Accounting Services – amongst many, many others.

Veronica splits her time between Edmonton, Alberta and Osoyoos, BC and is passionate about animals – especially her own three cats and two dogs – baseball, wine and riding motorcycles with her husband.

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