Increased business strength means less effort to do the same work, increased workload capacity and the ability to handle that capacity safely.



Improving business form through processes and training can increase your business speed, reducing costs while increasing agility.



With expert guidance and implementation, business safety can be increased, reducing downtime due to injuries or incidents.

What we do



We begin by listening. Tell us what isn’t working, what goals you aren’t meeting.

Then we’ll take your business for a quick run around the track and see what shape you’re in. Through conversation, observation, interviews, document review, audits, evaluation tools, and process reviews, as well as a few other things we’ve learned over the years, we’ll help you determine the well-being of your business. We’ll help you see what you excel at, and we’ll show you where you can improve.



We’ll put together a custom program to improve your business health, tailored to your unique needs, challenges and opportunities. Whether it’s rearranging your human resources to make better use of your business muscles, developing new processes to allow you to lift heavier business challenges, or improving your safety by showing you better ways to move forward. We’ll develop the next steps for you to take that work for you.

And like a gym, we have access to all the different types of equipment and trainers that you might need, so we can connect you with the exact fit that best supports your business.



We’re there to make it happen. We’ll coach you through one more lap of process refinement, or squeezing out that last set of business measurements. We’ll step in to spot you on that heavy compliance weight that you haven’t quite been able to lift yet. We’ll guide you through any change management to minimize the challenges and accomplish your goals.


Looking ahead

We are always looking ahead, spotting your next challenges for you. With an eye on the horizon, we’ll assess oncoming obstacles before they arrive, and help you eliminate them before they become ugly surprises that negatively impact your business health.

We’ll help you do the hard work, in an enjoyable and rewarding way. We’re there with you, every step of the way, to ensure you are reaping the benefits of a strong, healthy business.

Our Approach

People make the world go round..

No matter what you do, no matter the kind of business you have, it’s made up of people.

At ABVSquared, we have a people focus, and we’re here to empower you and your staff, and help you to work at your greatest capacity. While we believe that great processes, systems and tools can make your work stronger, faster and safer, you can’t be truly effective until you engage your staff, making full use of their strengths and working to your own strengths as well. We help you do just that.

You are greater than just some of your parts

We think about the whole system at ABVSquared. Given our expertise in people management, business processes, safety and security, we look at the big picture of your business, and help you refine your work to ensure everything is working at its very best.

People have one thing in common: we’re all unique

Your business or organization has unique challenges and requirements. So we customize all of our work to match your specific needs – we don’t believe in selling tools, we believe in building relationships. We help you come up with individualized solutions to whatever challenge you have.

Running a business – like running a marathon – shouldn’t be a world of pain

We go beyond your pain points to help you find life long business wellness. Like any good personal trainer, we meet you where you’re at, and help you set and meet your goals over the entire life span of your business. We also proactively help you solve issues before they arise. We don’t view your challenges as problems, instead we look for opportunities for you to grow to become faster, stronger, and safer than ever before.

Who we are

As the principals of ABVSquared, we bring with us nearly 40 years of combined experience in business management, leadership and HR consulting, as well as expertise in risk management, health and safety, and security, all with the goal of making your business a safe, lean and powerful machine. We’ve not only got the chops, we’ve also got the credentials to back up what we do. Here’s a little more about both of us…


Veronica Vinge

Veronica Vinge has 25 years of experience working with nearly every kind of business, from large organizations to NGOs, from small businesses to high-profit private enterprise to government initiatives. As a business coach, management consultant and HR generalist, she consults with businesses of all kinds to improve their processes and their bottom line. She holds a BA in Recreation Management, as well as professional business coach and change management certifications. She is a member of the Professional Business Coaches Alliance (PBCA).

Want to know even more? Click here for Veronica’s full bio


Al Belanger

Al Belanger spent the first 25 years of his career working in safety and security at the University of Alberta, where he managed the daily operations of Protective Services for 12 years. There he honed his tactical and crisis communication skills as well as expertise in people management in a high stress environment. Cool as a cucumber under pressure, upon leaving the university, Al leveraged his security experience into workplace health and safety for a number of industrial clients, focusing on the oil and construction industries in Alberta. Al has certificates in Security Management, Human Resource Management, Occupational Health and Safety, holds an NSCO designation, is a certified COR auditor and is completing his Certified Health and Safety Consultant (CHSC) designation in the Spring of 2016.

To find out more about Al, Check out his full bio.

The Results Are In

It’s not our first lap around the track.

We’ve helped a wide variety of businesses and organizations meet and exceed their goals. Here’s just a few of them
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